Update: Zero Waste Challenge – Woche 1

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Erstes Update zur ersten Wochen der Zero Waste Challenge von Going Zero Waste, Be Zero und Zero Waste Nerd!

Ich muss sagen, diese Challenge macht mir noch mehr Spaß als gedacht 😀 Bisher war nichts wirklich dabei, was ich nicht gerne mache oder versuche umzusetzen. Selbst bei den Strohhalmen werde ich immer besser und erinnere mich daran bei JEDEM Getränk dazu zu sagen, dass ich bitte keinen haben möchte.



Update Zero Waste Challenge – Woche 1


Tag 1 – Say no to straws

#zerowastechallenge day 1: say no to straws 💚 kicking off this challenge with a topic I really struggle with – #saynotostraws 😕 I never use straws, I don't need straws and I seem to can't remember to refuse them with my order 🙈 now something really great happened: when I go out with family or friends who know about my #zerowastelifestyle THEY mention straws in drinks before we order and even #refuse them with me 😍 here you can see drinks that usually come without straws: beer and juice (because chances are, you won't get one even if you forget to say so with your order) 😊 #progressnotperfection #zerowastetip : ask for homemade lemonade – a lot of restaurants seem to have them these days and they come without straws most of the time! 👍 do you bring your own straws or try to refuse them? 🔸 challenge and more tips on the blogs by @going.zero.waste @bezerowastegirl @zerowastenerd #30daystozerowaste

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Tag 2 – reusable water bottle

#zerowastechallenge day 2: reusable water bottle 💚 I was going to show you a nice picture of my small, colorful water bottle – but guess what, I lost it 🙈 lucky me, I have quite a few bottles 😉 although I hope the little one will show up again, I will take this one with me on my upcoming trip 👍 tab water in Austria is delicious and I never really bought any plastic bottles anyways. especially not for water as I do not like sparkling water. 💧 keep hydrated on these hot summer days 😊 #zerowastetip : habe a few bottles in different sizes handy, so you can always take one with you. if you don't have one yet, use a glass jar! is it difficult for you to remember to bring a reusable water bottle? #30daystozerowaste #zerowaste #greenliving #refuse #noplastic #saynotoplastic #goingzerowaste 🔸 challenge by @going.zero.waste @bezerowastegirl @zerowastenerd

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Tag 3 – Pack a picnic

#zerowastechallenge day 3: pack a picnic 💚 oh, I'd love to 😄 I'm a huge fan of picnics and I'm the first one to eat outside ☀️ today, I spent the day at my friend's house, who has a wonderful wild garden full of flowers, trees and animals 😍🌼🌾🐛🐝 perfect time with delicious food spent with a lovely friend and my sister – and almost a picnic if it wasn't for the chairs and table 😋 I already had a spontaneous #picnic in a park a couple of days ago – salad in a glass jar, complete with #reusable water bottle and cuttlery 😊 looking forward to many more 👌 #zerowastetip : don't forget to bring napkins and a knive – perfect to clean your hands after you cut fruit 😉 #greenliving #plasticfree #zerowaste 🔸 challenge by @going.zero.waste @bezerowastegirl

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Tag 4 – save water

#zerowastechallenge day 4: save water 💚 Austria is a very water rich country and telling people to save water here can be challenging. 💧 I think running faucets, while brushing teeth, are just plain annoying, but I still happen to meet people who are not willing to do even that. 😕 so, in an attempt to save more water (because you can always save more), I try to collect grey water while showering – with a bucket. 🚿 we'll see how that goes 😊 for more ideas head over to @going.zero.waste and check out day 4 of the challenge or get yourself the new special issue on water by @oewirmoegensoeko ! #zerowastetip : only fill the kettle with as much water as you actually need – saves water and energy 😉 #zerowaste #greenliving #savewater #wasser #badeteich #pond #summertime

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Tag 5 – go outside


Tag 6 – handkerchiefs

#zerowastechallenge day 6: handkerchiefs 💚 I have to admit, I wasn't fully on board with these at the beginning. as many might understand, I thought cloth tissues seem a little gross. 😬 but, I decided I would carry them with me just in case – and look! total win 😊 they are so versatile! here we used them to clean our #boule balls 👌and just to show you: drink with #nostraw @summerstagewien 😋 #zerowastetip : if you are really sick, bring a little cloth bag with you to store your used hankies on the go – wash them at home and they don't seem so disgusting anymore 😉 #zerowaste #bringyourown #makelesstrash #stepbystep #greenliving 🔸 challenge by @going.zero.waste @bezerowastegirl @zerowastenerd #30daystozerowaste

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Tag 7 – walk or bike

#zerowastechallenge day 7: walk or bike 💚 biking is the most wonderful way of transportation – I'll just leave this out here ❤️🚲❤️ especially in a city: you're fast on short to medium distances, you exercise, you can hopefully enjoy fresh air and it will make you smile 😊 Vienna is quite hilly, but I wouldn't wanna miss my bike on any day! 😍 sure, the weather might be bad, the car drivers might be rude or you feel exhausted – do not let this stop you from trying it again! 💪 #zerowastetip : wait for better weather, take another route and sleep well. the beauty of biking is endless – and you can change your direction any moment and end up at the Donaukanal after work 😉 #30daystozerowaste #greenliving #biketowork #bikemore #zerowaste #sustainableliving 🔸 challenge by @going.zero.waste @bezerowastegirl @zerowastenerd

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Ich habe Tag 7 und 14 gewechselt, weil ich einen suuuper langer Beitrag zum Thema Nachhaltigen Grillen am Montag für euch habe 😉


Wenn du auch mitmachen willst, kannst du jederzeit einsteigen und hier beginnen. Willst du wissen wie die Challenge für mich weiter geht? Dann folge mir täglich auf Instagram oder Facebook 🙂


War für dich schon eine schwierige Challenge dabei?


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