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Perfect for #plasticfreejuly, I have alternatives for cling film or plastic wrap for you. It is really not necessary to buy this disposable product and put it around or on your food!

Cling film feels weird to me. As soon as you take it off, it clings preferably to itself. Honestly, it drives me crazy to untangle this stupid plastic ball. Not anymore.

Aside from my personal aversion, our environment isn’t a fan either. You can read a more detailed post on the downsides of single-use plastic and Plastic Free July here.


Alternatives to cling film:

Simple alternatives for various uses of plastic wrap:


Plate on a bowl as a lid.

Really creative, isn’t it? 😀 But effective! Fruit, vegetables, leftovers and anything else will stay fresh and edible for longer without getting this stale „fridge taste“.


Storage container.

If you want to take your food with you, use glass or stainless steel container instead.

I use glass boxes with a glass lid and silicone snatchings, but you can also find complete silicone lids. They are not only good for the fridge or the freezer, but also for the oven (without the lid). At the moment, it is my favourite storage container if I get butter in bulk.

Simple glass jars would be suitable as well.


Beeswax wrap.

Another alternative are beeswax wraps. Bees are not only important for our plants, but their products such as honey or wax are also versatile. Please pay attention to sustainable conditions!


You can either buy these wraps or make them yourself.

An Austrian company is Jaus’n Wrap. Currently looking for funding is Beeo Fix. Internationally well-known are Bee’s Wrap or Abeego.

DIY instructions are here.

If you know any other brands, please let me know and I will add them to the list!


Are there any other purposes for which oyu use plastic wrap? Let me know and look for alternatives!

To save plastic in other areas, you will find alternatives for shampoo or chewing gum ony my blog.


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