summer break (and a gift for you!)

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Mild summer evenings and long nights mean more time outside and less sleep for me. That’s why I decided to have a little blog summer break. In the spirit of #digitaldetox , I will be stepping away from my laptop as much as I can in August. πŸ™‚

But before I go here or there , I have something for you (if you understand German, though):




The magazine Γ–-wir mΓΆgen’s ΓΆko was so nice to offer you awesome people a GIFT VOUCHER to their newest issue on the topic of water!

Just head over to their site and order the digital version with the gift code 671080 for FREE.

G I V E A W A Y (sort of..) β€’β€’β€’ and #tb to this afternoon at the lake 😍 honestly, I would pick a lake in the mountains any time over the sea πŸ’§ is anyone else with me on this one?? πŸ—» clear blue water, ice cold, a lots of fish – all signs this lake is happy and thriving as it should be! πŸ’šas you can see: I am reading the current issue of @oewirmoegensoeko on the topic of water πŸ’¦ and this time you can get one too – because I have two of them! πŸ˜‹ the only thing you have to do: let me know you want to read it πŸ˜‚ (and live anywhere in Austria) #circulareconomy , my friends πŸ˜‰ and if you want to make me really happy: show your support for our precious water resources with your own #wasserzeichen and tag @oewirmoegensoeko with your aqueous pic 😊 – they donate 2€ to a reforestation and water project in peru!! oh, and you can also win! check out their website for more details πŸ‘ #greenliving #gogreen #eco #ΓΆko #sustainableliving #giveaway #leopoldsteinersee #summertime #plasticfreejuly #makelesstrash #sharingiscaring

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Happy summer reading!


More reading suggestion for your summer break


If you missed one post or the other, I have a few reading suggestions for you. Especially during summer, I recommend:

a sustainable barbecue

sustainable shopping: without clothes, in the 8th district of Vienna and especially for clothes

sustainable living


and because it is oh so important: save the beeees <3



If you want to contact me, please do so any time on instagram, facebook or per mail.

It just might take a while for me to answer πŸ˜‰


Enjoy your summer, turn off those electrical devices and go outside!

Looking forward to be back here with you in September πŸ™‚


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