Update: Zero Waste Challenge – Week 3

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Whoops, how time flies ^^ And the third week of the zero waste challenge is over! This week was a lot of zero waste shopping, which I looove.

Going Zero Waste, Be Zero and Zero Waste Nerd covered a lot of different zero waste aspects in their challenge. And going grocery shopping is definitely one of my favorites šŸ™‚

I have more difficulties with sustainable pens – finding and using them. Although I write mostly on my laptop, I still have a paper calendar and a lot of notes. Sooner or later, I have to research alternatives to my pens and pencils, which I actually like.



Update: Zero Waste Challenge – Week 3


Day 15 – farmer’s market

#zerowastechallenge day 15: farmers' market šŸ’š shopping at farmers' markets feels like a little adventure šŸ˜Š this one is every Friday at the Altlerchenfelder church (check out my blog for a #zerowasteshoppingtrip guide for the 8th district of Vienna) – these markets don't have to be huge to have a lot of produce šŸ˜‰ you will get seasonal vegetables and fruit, cheese, bread, meat, fish and often a few fine goods šŸ‘Œ #zerowastetip : check out your local markets and bring more #clothbags than you think you might need šŸ˜„ #seasonal #farmersmarket #viennamarkets #greenliving #buylocal #supportyourlocalbusiness @adamah_biohof šŸ”ø challenge by @going.zero.waste @bezerodenver @zerowastenerd

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Day 16 – simple raw eats

#zerowastechallenge day 16: simple raw eats šŸ’š I am always amazed how colorful vegetables can be šŸ˜Š no greens and it is still a salad šŸ˜‹ with chive flowers on top! šŸŒø especially during summer, I eat more often salad than anything else šŸŒ± I can totally support to eat more vegetables! grow them yourself and you have 'free' food all summer long šŸ˜ŠšŸ‘ #zerowastetip : homemade dressings are the best! fast and simple: just mix olive oil, vinegar, honey, mustard with salt and pepper – done šŸÆ #raweats #morevegetables #greenliving #saladtime #homegrown #homemade #zerowaste šŸ”ø challenge by @going.zero.waste @bezerodenver @zerowastenerd #30daystozerowaste

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Day 17 – ditch disposable pens


Day 18 – snacks


Day 19 – cloth bulk bags


Day 20 – zero waste grocery shopping

#zerowastechallenge day 20: zero waste grocery shopping šŸ’š you don't need a special store to get your groceries #packagefree šŸ‘† although bulk shops make it a liiitle bit easier šŸ˜‰ check out your local stores and see what you can find – you might be surprised how many things you can get at least #plasticfree šŸ˜Š #zerowastetip : explore your neighborhood or places you usually visit regularly and see what other shops you find besides your usual supermarket. ā™»ļø if you happen to be around the 8th district in Vienna, I made a whole map for a #zerowasteshoppingtrip šŸ˜‹ check it out on my blog! šŸ”ø challenge by @going.zero.waste – she and a few other blogger have their own challenge going on at the moment! on exactly this topic šŸ‘Œ – @bezerowastegirl @zerowastenerd #30daystozerowaste #zerowasteshopping #greenliving #byoc #skipthebag

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Day 21 – recycling



The upate for the first week is here and for the second one here.

Do you want to join? Then just start here. If you want to see how Iā€™ll do in the coming two weeks, follow me daily on instagram or facebook


Which zero waste alternatives are your favorites?


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