Update: Zero Waste Challenge – Week 4 and Take Away

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How fast 30 days can fly by! I “conquered” a challenge a day for a zerowaste lifestyle. Not everything was new, but still a lot surprisingly challening.

Thanks to Going Zero Waste, Be Zero and Zero Waste Nerd I was never short on good advice. The three of them really created a (actually three) nice challenge(s)! I was well equipped for this week’s challenges, but still had issues – looking at you toilet paper and natural cleaners….


Update: Zero Waste Challenge – Week 4

Day 22 – cloth napkins

#zerowastechallenge day 22: cloth napkins πŸ’š every meal gets instantly fancy with #clothnapkins πŸ˜‰ I did not have any before I moved in with my boyfriend, but lucky me: one of the drawers in his apartment was full with them! πŸŽ‰ nothing better than to #reuse #secondhand goods before they get thrown out 😊 #zerowastetip : use what you have at home before you by anything new! I maybe wouldn't have chosen the colour or pattern, but they are perfect for their job πŸ˜‹ and so versatile! baked goods on the go and no bag with you? take your napkin! πŸ˜„ #greenliving #thatecogirl #zerowasteaustria πŸ”Έ challenge by @going.zero.waste @bezerowastegirl @zerowastenerd #30daystozerowaste

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Day 23 – bamboo toothbrush

#zerowastechallenge day 23: bamboo toothbrush πŸ’š I never thought much about my plastic #toothbrush to be honest – brushing your teeth is a necessity and I thought I did pretty well with my changeable heads πŸ˜‰ but of course there was a better option! #compostable toothbrushes!! πŸ’‘ work exactly like normal ones! I had to get used tothe woody texture in my mouth, but now I'm sold πŸ˜„ #zerowastetip : better than bamboo would be fairly sourced native wood, but I couldn't find one so far πŸ˜• look for local brands and use the toothbrushes later on for various cleaning purposes πŸ‘Œ #zerowaste #ilovebees #savethebees #zerowasteaustria #greenliving πŸ”Έ challenge by @going.zero.waste @bezerowastegirl @zerowastenerd #30daystozerowaste

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Day 24 – bring your own cup


Day 25 – toilet paper


Day 26 – bring your own container


Day 27 – bamboo dish scrubs


Day 28 – food waste

#zerowastechallenge day 28: food waste πŸ’š wanna know how we dealt with food waste at my place growing up? we ate everything #notkidding πŸ™ˆ I wasn't really familiar with the concept of freezing leftovers because we never had any πŸ˜„ so I am truly upset when people throw away food or do not eat everything they put on their plates. 😩 but that is just at the very end!! food waste starts as soon as it is produced. #zerowastetip : consider your impact – take the #misfits at the supermarket, join a #foodsharing platform, freeze #leftovers , get creative with them (like we did for today's picnic ❀️ – frozen plums for the cake, fridge clean out for the delicious salad) or get inspired by awsome ideas to #reuse cooking scraps >> @zerowastechef πŸ‘Œ before you put anything into the compost think about other ideas – vegetable stock from frozen veggie scraps, pesto from carrot greens, etc. 🍲 if we waste food, we waste all the resources that went into growing it!! #fightingfoodwaste #foodwaste #eatup #useitup #zerowaste #thegirlwhoatetheworld #donatenotdump #greenliving #foodsaver #startthechange #intentionallivingπŸ”Έ challenge by @going.zero.waste @bezerowastegirl @zerowastenerd #30daystozerowaste

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Day 29 – natural cleaners

#zerowastechallenge day 29: natural cleaners πŸ’š I was ready to tell you how awsome my 'new' cleaning products are, that lemons give white vinegar the best smell and that baking soda is the solution for all things cleaning πŸ‘€ well… let's say there is room for improvement… a lot of room actually – my whole apartment! πŸ˜„ I even soaked lemons in white vinegar to let you know how wonderful it is. so far, it works for countertops… πŸ™ˆ anyone out there with magic cleaning tips for bathrooms and sinks??? πŸ˜‡ would appreciate any suggestions! and no, white vinegar and baking soda is not doing the trick. πŸ’­ #zerowastetip : take reusable cloth towels instead of paper towels. avoid harsh chemicals. and let me know what works instead πŸ˜‹ #greencleaning #naturalcleaning #eco #sustainable #zerowaste #reuse #plasticfree πŸ”Έ challenge by @going.zero.waste @bezerowastegirl @zerowastenerd #30daystozerowaste

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Day 30 – live local

#zerowastechallenge day 30: live local πŸ’š pretty much my favourite thing about living in a city such as Vienna is that everything is just a short bike ride away ❀️🚲 worst thing, when it breaks and you can't fix it yourself πŸ˜• best thing, when you have a bike shop with helpful stuff nearby 😊 #zerowastetip : explore your neighbourhood! look for shops you can support with your purchase instead of big chains. join your community and help your neighbours out. see if you can find a farmers' market or even a community garden! so many opportunities to save resources when you #livelocal 😍 #supportyourlocalbusiness #zerowaste #viennatoday #greenliving #sustainable πŸ”Έ challenge by @going.zero.waste @bezerowastegirl @zerowastenerd #30daystozerowaste

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Take away

To use as little resources as possible and to avoid waste is fun! I know, what else should I say, right? Well, I am once again convinced that this lifestyle is worth it.

All these beautiful, reusable containers and bags, napkins and wooden utensils: saving resources is looking good πŸ˜›

Besides avoiding waste, I think it also helps to get a feeling for your overall consumption pattern. Yes, I’m repeating myself, but it really saves resources and money. You might have a lot at home and only need to use it differntly. Glass jars, towels, vinegar πŸ˜‰

Use the power of habits to stay the course after the 30 day challenge. The more often you use your new skills, the more natural they feel.

Three things I will have to work on the next couple of weeks or months: reusable pens, compost and natural cleaners!





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Do you want to join? Then just start here. Have fun!!

Tip: If you are inspired and want a new challenge, July 1st marks the start of #plasticfreejulyΒ  πŸ™‚


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