Update: Zero Waste Challenge – Woche 2

the green walnuts - update zero waste challenge week 2
Schon die zweite Woche der Zero Waste Challenge ist vorbei! Going Zero Waste, Be Zero und Zero Waste Nerd haben sich hier wirklich etwas Tolles einfallen lassen. Mit ganz einfachen Änderungen so viel Müll einsparen! Wie wunderbar 🙂

Diese Woche fand ich besonders interessant, wie manche Gewohnheiten schon immer zu meinem Alltag gehört haben. Wäsche auf der Wäscheleine trocknen anstatt einen Trockner verwenden? Völlig natürlich für mich! Essen zum Mitnehmen vorbereiten und Dinge reparieren, bevor man Neues kauft? Immer gerne!

Trotzdem habe ich das Gefühl immer und immer noch etwas dazu lernen zu können. Deshalb habe ich lange für Zero Waste Barbecue Ideen recherchiert 🙂



Update zur Zero Waste Challenge – Woche 2


Tag 8 – declutter


Tag 9 –  compost


Tag 10 – reusable menstrual cups


Tag 11 – line dry


Tag 12 – meal prep

#zerowastechallenge day 12: meal prep 💚 if I want to eat seasonal and somehow nutritious, I have to prep my food at home – it saves time during my lunch break, is healthier and saves me money (except on days when my collegues or I are cooking for each other, of course) 🍲 I usually prep everything in the morning because I like to get up early (please don't hate me), but I read a lot about people who prep their meals on sunday for the whole week. 😳 way too much planning for me 🙈 I often just throw all the vegetables that need to be eaten together and call it a curry 😉 #zerowastetip : put your leftovers in the freezer for quick lunches – don't fill them up to the top and you can use glass jars! 👌 do you prep your meals? #zerowaste #mealprep #togo #30daystozerowaste #greenliving 🔸 challenge by @going.zero.waste @bezerodenver @zerowastenerd

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Tag 13 – repair

#zerowastechallenge day 13: repair 💚 nothing I like more 😋 no, honestly, I am not the most gifted person when it comes to repairments 🙈 which is really unfortunate because I am clumsy as hell and would need it more often than not 😄 this coffee cup looks like a camera lense (genius! thx sis 😘), but started leaking 😕 as was my other coffee cup, so I had to fix at least one 😉 this one was first and a little glue and patience worked wonders 😊 #zerowastetip : don't throw something away because it stopped working properly – save money and resources and try to repair it first 😍 if you don't want to or if you can't do it yourself, go and find someone else or see if there is a #repaircafe in your area! #supportlocalbusiness #zerowaste #circulareconomy #repair #greenliving 🔸 challenge by @going.zero.waste @bezerodenver @zerowastenerd

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Tag 14 – zero waste bbq

#zerowastechallenge day 14: zero waste bbq 💚 what would summer be without plenty of barbecues? 😊 we have a serious bbq addiction at home, but it's quite hard to have a complete zero waste bbq with a charcoal grill 🔥 to enjoy these wonderful evenings outside with delicious food and wonderful people as sustainable as possible, I prepped a huuuge blog post for you! 🙌 take a look and start your eco-friendly bbq season 😉 #zerowastetip : borrow a grill if you don't own one, buy mostly vegetables, season your meat yourself with fresh herbs and use your real tableware – easy peasy 😄 #zerowaste #barbecue #bbq @webergrills #greenliving #grillparty #sustainable #blogged 🔸 challenge by @going.zero.waste @bezerodenver @zerowastenerd

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Das Update zur Woche 1 findest du hier.

Willst du selbst mitmachen? Dann beginn einfach hier. Wenn du willst, wie es mit meiner Challenge weiter geht, dann folge mir täglich auf Instagram oder Facebook 🙂


Welche Zero Waste Gewohnheiten musst du gar nicht umstellen, weil du sie schon machst?


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