the green walnuts | less waste. more resources. simply sustainable.

Green walnuts – they are not yet ripe, but you can already use them. They are like quirky ideas for a sustainable lifestyle, which already drive positive change in all their glorious imperfection.

This blog is for everyone who doesn’t want to wait any longer to have the perfect, mature solution to live the most sustainable life ever. It is for everyone who just wants to start and use their personal and natural resources to the best of their abilities. It is for a life with more time, health and money. For moments that really count. For less waste and more resources.

the green walnuts is a collection of easy to implement alternatives for a sustainable daily life. Step by step, day by day – to realize changes in the long run. You will find experiences and ideas as well as tips and tricks, which will help you to consume resources more intentionally and save them wherever and whenever you can.

Just start and see where you’ll go. Step by step. Day by day. Change by change.

Sophie (C) Peter Lichtenwöhrer


Who is behind the green walnuts?


Sophie (C) Daniel Feldmeyer

||| Sophie, 27 years ||| certified resource manager with the tendency to make the world a better (read: more sustainable) place ||| collects passionately new ideas to live more sustainable in an easy and convenient way ||| enjoys sharing all alternatives ||| is incredibly happy you found the green walnuts

When I am not on the hunt for the best ideas for an intentional and sustainable life, you will most likely find me with a book under a tree, trail running through the woods or wandering around the urban jungle of Vienna.

Do you have any questions? Please contact me: thegreenwalnuts@gmail.com

Sophie (C) Stefanie Roithmayr


What I always like

  • biking and feeling the wind in my face
  • dumplings filled with fruit and rolled in nuts with cinnamon
  • waking up in a foreign city, grabbing my camera and just wandering around
  • the smell of freshly baked goods or grounded coffee beans
  • reading a book wrapped in a cosy blanket when it is cold outside
  • fresh powder below my feet
  • the view from mountain tops after a long hike



What I never like

  • bad consciousness
  • tiny things wrapped a hundred times
  • wastefulness
  • lame excuses (please be creative!)


(idea from my name is yeh)

The long version

in progress 😉