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If you are interested in natural cosmetics in the slightest, you may have heard of the effects aluminium salts and petrochemicals can have on your body. Add the plastic packaging and there is pretty much nothing sustainable about conventional deodorant. Enough with the doomsday scenario, there are other alternatives out there 😉 

Important information to start with: If you try a few natural alternatives and they do not work for you right away, don’t give up! Your body needs time to adjust to the new ingredients. Some of them will never work, but I promise there is at least one alternative out there that does 😀



My first attempts to switch to natural, aluminium-free deodorants were not really successful. After trying out a bunch of different brands, I only found one (Speick, if you are interested) that worked reliably.

If you are still using conventional products and you are not ready to switch do creams or DIY recipes, give conventional natural brands a chance.

At some point, I was bothered by the plastic cap so much that I decided it was time to look for a plastic-free option.


Buy plastic-free deodorant.

After many more fails, I found the brand Seifenmanufaktur Sauberkunst at Vienna’s first plastic-free drugstore Sonnengrün.

The cream deodorant even holds up in the hot Californian sun and for various outdoor adventures, so I can say: it definitely works for me 😀 It has the texture of a body butter (but less fluffy) as the main ingredients are shea butter and coconut oil. You apply it to the clean skin and rub it in gently. Only downside: if the weather is really hot, the texture goes from creamy to liquid. Be aware of that when you open the aluminium box it comes in. However, the little box lasted me for over half a year (and is now my travel soap box)!

As I originally wanted to avoid any aluminium in my deodorant, I tested another brand that comes in a glass jar, Evelia Kosmetik. So far, it does not work as well for me, but nobody complained about my body odour yet 😉 As usual, the body needs to adapt.


Alternatively, you can also try mineral deodorant (salt stone) or solid deodorant (both options are available at Original Unverpackt ). Just dampen them slightly and apply them to your skin as you would with a deodorant stick.


Make your own deodorant.

There are so many DIY recipes out there, it is really hard to find the right one. My attempts to make them myself resulted either in more waste or nervous seating because I did not trust myself to make one that will work.

If you want to try your luck, here are a few promising recipes:


Disclaimer: These recipes all have baking soda in them, which might irritate your skin.


Also: Does anyone know of regional (Europe) alternatives to shea butter and coconut oil? Would love to know!

Do not use deodorant.

The most natural and package-free alternative would be to not use a deodorant at all. This would not be possible for me, but maybe it is an option for you? Might work similar to water-only as a no-poo alternative.


Do you know any other great alternatives you want to share? Did I miss anything?

And just because I am notoriously curious: Do you make your deodorant yourself? And if so, want to share the recipe?


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