Cycling in winter? 10 reasons why you should bike during the colder months

the green walnuts - rad fahren bei kaltem wetter
This year is the year. It is already the middle of November and I am determined to bike to work until the first snowfall. Why?

Because there are so many good reasons! 😀


10 reasons to bike during the cold winter months:


no people.

Not a morning person? Get on your bike and avoid the first human contact a little longer. You don’t have to talk to anybody and can ride in silence without being bothered by anyone.


save money.

Obviously, you don’t have to spend money on gas nor public transport.

However, there are also not so obvious reasons. If you are on your bike, you can easily pass a shop without “accidentally” opening the door and buying something. You are just too fast! And you won’t have to look for an appropriate parking spot. Why is that a good thing? You are less tempted to get your coffee-to-go in the morning. Wait until you are at your office and save money and waste.

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no over-crowded public transportation.

Crowds, heat, stench and bad mood. You have to do without these things if you take the bike instead of the bus.


no stress in the car.

Never-ending traffic jams? Not if you take your bike. You can leave the house later and save yourself the hassle. No stop-and-go traffic. No concerts of honking car horns. No tantrums because a crazy biker jumped the queue 😉


easy to find a parking spot.

All the summer cyclists that took over every single parking spot up to the last lantern post? They will have stored their bikes by now and look through the bus window while you are spoilt for choice.

Exception: Boulderbar between 6:30 and 8:30 pm. No chance to get a decent spot! You can be sure it is overfilled even if it is storming and has below 20 degrees Celsius. Honestly, these outdoor people… 😉


faster transport.

Biking in the city gives you a clear time advantage. Instead of waiting 10 minutes for the next bus, you are 10 minutes closer to wherever you want to go. Freezing to death in a drafty tram station? Not anymore.


no need for make-up.

Do you use rouge? No need anymore! Thanks to the (ice) cold wind on the bike you will always have red cheeks


less sick days.

You will strengthen your immune system as a nice side effect and have less sick days. If you are sitting alone on your bike, you can be sure you will not be exposed to so many bacteria and viruses.

Do not forget to dress properly. Gloves, scarf and headband are highly recommended. Very thick jackets, not so much. You will get hot on the way up and freeze on the way down. The easiest thing to get sick anyways…


the battle against the “cookie shape“.

As soon as the temperature drops outside, I am ready to get my holiday pounds on. To stay physically fit, despite the tenderly cultivated “cookie shape”, I keep biking as long as possible.

It would be a nice change to reach the summit at my first ski tour or my first ascent with the bike later on in spring without totally collapsing. Would be a first…


free adrenaline kick.

Wet streets, early darkness or leaves on the ground? Don’t pay attention once and you’ll get an adrenaline kick for free. Or did you ever underestimate the braking distance during heavy rainfall? 😉

Take care, people! #teamhelmet



Before you hop on your bike, make sure to:

  • check your bike: test your brakes, check the air in your tyres (especially if they spread grit on the streets), wash off salt immediately and install all the necessary reflectors
  • have good light: the brighter, the better – better to dazzle a car than to get run over by one…
  • wear appropriate clothes: gloves and headband to prevent
  • drive safely: do not forget your helmet! (will keep you warm as well…)



And why do I not bike in the snow? Because I am unbelievably clumsy and want to avoid the inevitable fall ^^


Do you bike during the colder months? Why or why not? 🙂


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