Earth Day – a holiday for our planet

the green walnuts - earth day
Did you know that since 1970 Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, by now worldwide? I did not! How wonderful that our planet got its own holiday? <3 And why on earth did I not know that?! Maybe, because for me every day is Earth Day 😉


To make up for my ignorance, I will take up this year’s theme “Environmental & Climate Literacy” and distribute inspiring information to everyone who will listen. Contributing to protect our planet, well, that’s kind of my thing…


You can support intentional resource consumption every day and help to avoid the inevitable destruction of our beloved planet. Get informed and contribute!


„We need to empower everyone with the knowledge to inspire action in defense of environmental protection.“ Earth Day Network, 2017


In this sense, informative reading material for everyone:


Spread ideas every week.

I post ideas on the green walnuts to…


Every step counts.

It doesn’t matter if you bike to work, print less, compost, wear second hand clothing, use less water or watch more sunsets than TV: the sum makes the difference. Kathleen has 49 ways to help Mother (Earth) out – pick one and work your way up!


Many ways lead to … the goal.

Erin Boyle has at least two ways for each of the following: less waste, more green, less fossil fuels, save water and enjoy the earth – Earth Day, two ways.


The journey is the reward.

In this case, the whole trip – or your vacation. On living life green you’ll find 5 ways to travel sustainably.


Sustainable change is best reached by implementing little adjustements along the way:

Step by step. Change by Change. Day by Day.


How are you celebrating Earth Day?


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