repair: how to fix your worn-out clothes

mend your clothes
On my table are a cardigan, two pairs of pants and a pile of socks. What do these clothes have in common? They have not passed my wardrobe-spring-cleaning quality check. Due to unfashionable holes, lost buttons and loose seams, I do not wear these otherwise flawless clothes.

The solution was quite obvious: I had to repair these clothes myself to avoid buying new ones (watch the movie True Cost).


Sew on loose buttons.

So, I sat down and started with the loose buttons. A complete success story right at the beginning of my mending efforts! All my buttons are still steady where they should be. And this worked with just a needle, thread and simple to use stitches. Here is an easy guide for you to follow and fix all those loose buttons.


However, that wasn’t the end of the story. Most of the other holes I tried to fix fell apart once again after I wore them once or twice.

Slightly frustrated by my apparent lack of talent, but highly motivated to avoid any unnecessary resource consumption, I looked for the right techniques to mend my clothes. Spoiler alert: it worked 😛


Use the right stitches.

Exactly at the right time, Andrea shared useful information on how to care intentionally for your clothes during her One Dress. One Month. – challenge on her blog ‘Be Zero’.  Kindly enough, she also posted a link on how to use to appropriate stitches for various sewing problems.

As I learned the hard way, the solution is not to just stitch together the frayed edges any way you want. 😉

Oh, and how I fixed my jeans, I already told you here.


How to darn.

For me, the absolute premier class of darning is to darn your socks, especially when the holes are on the heel. I absolutely hate the moment, when you can feel the naked heel starting to rub on the edge of the shoe. So unnecessary. So avoidable.

But do not worry, there is even help for this. Bea Johnson shared a quick guide on her blog ‘Zero Waste Home’ on how to actually perform this magical repair.

I wore the socks three times already and only one came loose again. Partial success, at least 😉

I followed this guide to fix the hole in my cardigan. It is in German, but you can just use the pictures as reference.


More inspiration to mend your clothes.

Are you inspired and on the lookout for more information on how to happily mend and darn your clothes?

Here is a nice list from ‘my make do and mend life’ for more fun hours fixing your clothes.

Ariana has a huge collection on ‘zero waste clothing hacks’ for you, so you can wear your clothes for longer.


And just a quick tip at the end: if you can’t fix it yourself, bring your clothes to a trusted tailor before you throw them out for good.


How do you fix your clothes?


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