Update: Zero Waste Challenge – Week 1

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First update for the first week of the zero waste challenge by Going Zero Waste, Be Zero and Zero Waste Nerd!

I have to say the challenge is even more fun than I thought πŸ˜€ So far, there was nothing I did not like or tried to implement. Even the ‘no straw’ policy works better and better and I remember more often to refuse it with EVERY order.



update zero waste challenge – week 1


Tag 1 – Say no to straws

#zerowastechallenge day 1: say no to straws πŸ’š kicking off this challenge with a topic I really struggle with – #saynotostraws πŸ˜• I never use straws, I don't need straws and I seem to can't remember to refuse them with my order πŸ™ˆ now something really great happened: when I go out with family or friends who know about my #zerowastelifestyle THEY mention straws in drinks before we order and even #refuse them with me 😍 here you can see drinks that usually come without straws: beer and juice (because chances are, you won't get one even if you forget to say so with your order) 😊 #progressnotperfection #zerowastetip : ask for homemade lemonade – a lot of restaurants seem to have them these days and they come without straws most of the time! πŸ‘ do you bring your own straws or try to refuse them? πŸ”Έ challenge and more tips on the blogs by @going.zero.waste @bezerowastegirl @zerowastenerd #30daystozerowaste

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Tag 2 – reusable water bottle

#zerowastechallenge day 2: reusable water bottle πŸ’š I was going to show you a nice picture of my small, colorful water bottle – but guess what, I lost it πŸ™ˆ lucky me, I have quite a few bottles πŸ˜‰ although I hope the little one will show up again, I will take this one with me on my upcoming trip πŸ‘ tab water in Austria is delicious and I never really bought any plastic bottles anyways. especially not for water as I do not like sparkling water. πŸ’§ keep hydrated on these hot summer days 😊 #zerowastetip : habe a few bottles in different sizes handy, so you can always take one with you. if you don't have one yet, use a glass jar! is it difficult for you to remember to bring a reusable water bottle? #30daystozerowaste #zerowaste #greenliving #refuse #noplastic #saynotoplastic #goingzerowaste πŸ”Έ challenge by @going.zero.waste @bezerowastegirl @zerowastenerd

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Tag 3 – Pack a picnic

#zerowastechallenge day 3: pack a picnic πŸ’š oh, I'd love to πŸ˜„ I'm a huge fan of picnics and I'm the first one to eat outside β˜€οΈ today, I spent the day at my friend's house, who has a wonderful wild garden full of flowers, trees and animals πŸ˜πŸŒΌπŸŒΎπŸ›πŸ perfect time with delicious food spent with a lovely friend and my sister – and almost a picnic if it wasn't for the chairs and table πŸ˜‹ I already had a spontaneous #picnic in a park a couple of days ago – salad in a glass jar, complete with #reusable water bottle and cuttlery 😊 looking forward to many more πŸ‘Œ #zerowastetip : don't forget to bring napkins and a knive – perfect to clean your hands after you cut fruit πŸ˜‰ #greenliving #plasticfree #zerowaste πŸ”Έ challenge by @going.zero.waste @bezerowastegirl

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Tag 4 – save water

#zerowastechallenge day 4: save water πŸ’š Austria is a very water rich country and telling people to save water here can be challenging. πŸ’§ I think running faucets, while brushing teeth, are just plain annoying, but I still happen to meet people who are not willing to do even that. πŸ˜• so, in an attempt to save more water (because you can always save more), I try to collect grey water while showering – with a bucket. 🚿 we'll see how that goes 😊 for more ideas head over to @going.zero.waste and check out day 4 of the challenge or get yourself the new special issue on water by @oewirmoegensoeko ! #zerowastetip : only fill the kettle with as much water as you actually need – saves water and energy πŸ˜‰ #zerowaste #greenliving #savewater #wasser #badeteich #pond #summertime

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Tag 5 – go outside

#zerowastechallenge day 5 : go outside πŸ’š I loooove being outdoors – even better if there are woods and mountains close by, give me a lake and I'm in nature heaven 😍 just being outside makes me instantly happy – and it creates #zerowaste πŸ˜‰ today is #worldenvironmentday ! go outside (no screens!!) and enjoy nature's beauty – and eat it πŸ˜‹ I just harvested close to 2kg strawberries πŸ“ #zerowastetip : don't take the car if it's possible – take the train or go by bike for a true #ecofriendly trip πŸ”Έchallenge by @going.zero.waste @bezerowastegirl @zerowastenerd 😊 #zerowasteaustria #greenliving #30daychallenge #30daystozerowaste #sustainable #growyourownfood

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Tag 6 – handkerchiefs

#zerowastechallenge day 6: handkerchiefs πŸ’š I have to admit, I wasn't fully on board with these at the beginning. as many might understand, I thought cloth tissues seem a little gross. 😬 but, I decided I would carry them with me just in case – and look! total win 😊 they are so versatile! here we used them to clean our #boule balls πŸ‘Œand just to show you: drink with #nostraw @summerstagewien πŸ˜‹ #zerowastetip : if you are really sick, bring a little cloth bag with you to store your used hankies on the go – wash them at home and they don't seem so disgusting anymore πŸ˜‰ #zerowaste #bringyourown #makelesstrash #stepbystep #greenliving πŸ”Έ challenge by @going.zero.waste @bezerowastegirl @zerowastenerd #30daystozerowaste

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Tag 7 – walk or bike

#zerowastechallenge day 7: walk or bike πŸ’š biking is the most wonderful way of transportation – I'll just leave this out here ❀️🚲❀️ especially in a city: you're fast on short to medium distances, you exercise, you can hopefully enjoy fresh air and it will make you smile 😊 Vienna is quite hilly, but I wouldn't wanna miss my bike on any day! 😍 sure, the weather might be bad, the car drivers might be rude or you feel exhausted – do not let this stop you from trying it again! πŸ’ͺ #zerowastetip : wait for better weather, take another route and sleep well. the beauty of biking is endless – and you can change your direction any moment and end up at the Donaukanal after work πŸ˜‰ #30daystozerowaste #greenliving #biketowork #bikemore #zerowaste #sustainableliving πŸ”Έ challenge by @going.zero.waste @bezerowastegirl @zerowastenerd

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I had to switch day 7 and 14 because I am currently working on a huge post on ‘how to have a sustainable barbecue’ – come back on Wednesday to read itΒ  πŸ˜‰


If you want to join the challenge, please do so at any time and start here πŸ™‚ Do you want to know how I’ll do the next weeks? Then check my instagram or facebook pages for daily updates πŸ™‚


Did youthink one of the challenges was especially difficult?


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