Why I think autumn is just wonderful (ly sustainable).

the green walnuts - herbst
Cold morning air, cosy winter covers, woolen sweaters and hot tea around the clock. Autumn is just wonderful! Instead of worrying about high heating costs or panicking on the thought of the approaching Christmas excess, I would recommend to enjoy the current season (sustainably).

Autumn always felt like a little new beginning. After all, in September the school year started again and it still feels like a new beginning every year as soon as the leaves turn. The year is not over yet!

This new-found energy went into my work this week, which is why this post is late – sorry! I hope it still comes in time for you to get some ideas to enjoy and relax during the last autumn days. If not: just continue doing so in winter 😉



I always enjoyed this season, autumn. You can harvest so much, the temperature is more tolerable and the sun position is more pleasant. I do not mourn the vanishing summer time, but get excited about the fresher days outside and the cosy evening at home. There are not many things that can make me as happy as coming back to a warm house after hiking in the cold for a short while.

Even if the fog is hanging low and the Viennese people fully embrace their inherent grumpiness, I will still walk around the street smiling. Sometimes, the grumpy Viennese cannot help themselves and a smile flickers over their face. Why would anyone get so angry about the weather? You cannot change it anyways.

Autumn is not as bad as often presumed if you understand its purpose. Nature shows once again its best side when all the leaves turn. A rich harvest promises delicious winter months. And the sun stays long enough to lure us outside and give us enough energy to arrange our houses homely.

Autumn means one thing above all: prepare for the cosiest season and your own “cookie figure”.



Sustainable ideas to enjoy autumn.


Here are my favourite things to do in autumn:


the green walnuts - horse chestnuts


gather horse chestnuts to make laundry detergent.

You may have read it in one of the previous posts, I started the large-scale production of laundry detergent with horse chestnuts.

I can only recommend it because who does not like to “free” laundry detergent at home 😉

And yes, you can dry your clothes outside even if it is cold. Clothes never smell better! Fresh air for the win.



bike to work even if it is ice-cold in the morning.

Finally, temperatures are way down and I can bike to work without breaking out in a sweat or suffer from a sunstroke. Sure, I may need my gloves and headband soon, but it is just so wonderfully refreshing.

And it helps to fight my approaching cookie figure and to save the environment 🙂



chilly nights for better sleep.

Speaking of cold mornings, the nights are the opposite of tropical again. For someone like me, who sleeps awful above 20°C, a well-aerated bedroom is a true blessing. Time to unpack your winter covers!

Do not forget to open the windows fully for a short time and not slightly the whole day. You would just heat your surroundings and waste energy as well as money.



tea to warm up.

The colder it is outside, the more I crave hot tea. I collected herbs from my garden and dried them to avoid unnecessary packaging. You will find great ideas to make your own tea blends with herbs and flowers over at oh hey magic.

If I want to buy tea blends, I buy them in bulk and bring my own container. My favourite new discovery in Vienna: Cafebrennerei Franze – huge tea selection and really nice to try them there as well.


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the green walnuts - apples


enjoy our own harvest. #thanksgiving

Over the summer, we harvested a lot of fruit and vegetables. We preserved or froze them to enjoy them later on. Later on starts now 😉

Every year I am sooo looking forward to our weekend of “apple cider pressing”. I love to spend the day outside with my family and friends, get physically active and produce something delicious along the way. Could there be anything better than that?

The own harvest is just always the best.

Like apricot or plum dumplings, which remind me of nice summer evenings.

Fresh apple cider,  which makes me think of the summer sun on my skin.

Applesauce and green tomato-chutney because you have to try something new once in a while.

Fruit and vegetables that will melt on your tongue.


Bonus idea: organise you personal thanksgiving dinner – just to say thank you for all the good food you can eat.


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cosy sweaters. <3

The most beautiful season to get dressed is without a doubt autumn. Finally, a few more layers, cosy oversized sweaters, scarfs and my beloved boots.

I just think people look especially well-dressed in autumn ^^

If you need anything, have a look on the second-hand market. Saves you money and the world some more resources 😉



day trips.

Funnily enough, I am going on more day trips in autumn and winter than in summer. IT is not so sad to spend some time in the car if it is raining outside or it is getting dark so fast. And we have a few holidays coming up!

Are you still looking for nice places to visit which are also zero waste friendly?

My sister would probably recommend Luzern (Unverpackt Luzern) and I would definitely say you have to visit Graz (Das Gramm). If you are heading to Vienna (always worth a visit!), try out the new zero waste app to make your zero waste travels easier 🙂

My next road trips are going to Budapest and the mountains. I can only say it again and again: get outside, people <3

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the green walnuts - get outside


What is your favourite thing to do in autumn? What are you looking forward to every year?


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