Zero Waste Challenge for 30 days

the green walnuts- zero waste challenge
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Is it just me or are you also full of energy as soon as it gets warmer and the days longer? I’m full of beans, so to speak, and thought a little zero waste challenge would be exactly the right thing for me.


1 month, 1 challenge

I did not want to come up with my own challenge immediately. Lucky me, I did not have to look far to find one. Last June, the awsome girls from Going Zero Waste and Be Zero had a 30 Day Zero Waste Challenge for us. But that’s not all! If you go to Zero Waste Nerd, you will find not one, but two challenges: 30 Days to Zero Waste and 30 More Days to Zero Waste. Finding a challenge can be so easy 😉

As I’m no complete zero waste newbie, I decided to combine the challenges a little bit to learn as much as possible. There is always something new to learn. Progress, not perfection 🙂


My plan for June looks like this (don’t be surprised if I mix up the days from time to time):


Zero Waste Challenge for 30 days

  1. Say no to straws
  2. Reusable water bottle
  3. Pack a picnic
  4. Save water
  5. Get outside
  6. Handkerchiefs
  7. Zero waste bbq
  8. Declutter
  9. Compost
  10. Green pets Reusable menstrual cups
  11. Line dry
  12. Meal prep
  13. Repair
  14. Walk or bike
  15. Farmers market
  16. Simple raw eats
  17. Summer activities for kids Ditch disposable pens
  18. Snacks
  19. Cloth bulk bag
  20. Zero waste grocery shopping
  21. Recycling
  22. Cloth napkins
  23. Bamboo toothbrush
  24. Bring your own cup
  25. Toilet paper
  26. Bring your own container
  27. Bamboo dish scrubs
  28. Food waste
  29. Natural cleaners
  30. Live local


For the month of June, I will post one challenge every day (including zero waste tips) on Instagram or Facebook and once a week you will find an update here on the blog.


Sounds like the right kind of challenge for you? Here are the “original” challenges if you want to mix and match your own or just follow one of these:


Who is gonna join me? 🙂

Have fun and I would love to hear how you are doing!

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