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the green walnuts - unverpackt luzern spice glasses
Package-free shops are magical places. They fulfil the dream of zero waste shopping, but more often than not you have to look hard for them in the midst of the urban jungles. To make your life easier, while you travel the world, I will show you the way to a few hidden gems of stores worth a visit.

Next up, Unverpackt Luzern.


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On her phenomenal summer hike, my sister had a stop in Luzern. She did not forget about me on her holidays and went to check out the local zero waste shop 😉 Besides over 30 (!) pictures, she also came back with the following tale:


the green walnuts - luzern



the store.


the green walnuts - unverpackt luzern shop window



Zürichstrasse 44, 6004 Luzern

opening hours: Tue to Wed 10:00-18:30, Thu to Fri 10:00-19:00, Sat 09:00-16:00, Sun to Mon closed


Luzern is not a very big city, so I decided to walk to the store. I like to explore a city on foot, stroll around in no hurry and find special places, while moving my body and protecting the environment.

There would be the option to rent a bike, like in Vienna, but as I said, the distances are not really far.

The first time I entered the store, no one was around. No owner, no customer. Admittedly, I enjoyed the quiet time and explored the store without anybody bothering me. The first impression: uncluttered, not too big and a huge selection of various products.

Politely, as the Swiss are, the owner  showed up and offered his support. He told me the store is now (July) open for three months and still one of its kind in Luzern.

Stores seem always more pleasant when you can feel that the owner cares and takes pride in his work, is there to help but avoids to be pushy.


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the green walnuts - unverpackt luzern inside




the green walnuts - unverpackt luzern oil


Before I came here, I just visited the zero waste shops in Vienna. So, I was quite curious how this store would be different. However, the first impression showed it was not very different at all.


the green walnuts - unverpackt luzern water bottle


You can fill your own containers or buy returnable jars as well as cute little cloth bags. (Can you see the really small ones? One of these is now my own because my sister bought it for me <3 Perfect for granola or dried fruit on the go.)


the green walnuts - unverpackt luzern shop


The best part was the attention to detail (which the stores in Vienna have as well). The store just appears more personal and warmer than regular supermarkets.

You will find it in the fond product labels, the corner for accessoires and the especially the area for children (!).





the green walnuts - unverpackt luzern fruit


I was really impressed by the product selection. You can find pretty much everything that is currently available on the ‘plastic-free, alternative market’. No reason to shop online!


the green walnuts - unverpackt luzern sweets


Very important to us: you will find a lot of ingredients to cook yummy meals 🙂 (we live to eat 😛). A lot of dispenser, a fridge for eggs, milk and butter as well es fresh fruit and vegetable and a lot of spices and herbs.


the green walnuts - unverpackt luzern spices

the green walnuts - unverpackt luzern tea


There are so many different types of pasta and a wide variety of dried fruit and flour.


the green walnuts - unverpackt luzern pasta

the green walnuts - unverpackt luzern dried fruit



zero waste lifestyle.


the green walnuts - unverpackt luzern zero waste lifestyle


You will also find the various necessary hygienic products such as shampoo, laundry detergent or deodorant.


the green walnuts - unverpackt luzern soap

the green walnuts - unverpackt luzern detergent


The whole product range is online.

As you can see, Luzern is definitely worth a visit 🙂 If you are in the area, go and check out this cute little store!


Have you been to Unverpackt Luzern yet? What was your impression?


If you have found an amazing zero waste shop and want to share your new favourite place with us so everyone can go there and support it, feel free to write your own blog post about it on the green walnuts! Just let me know and let’s make sure package-free stores are here to stay <3 #bethechange


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