zero waste shopping trip #2: Warenhandlung and beyond, 1030 Vienna

zero waste shopping trip 1030 - bulk shopping
If I cannot stand one thing, it is waste. Just as little as I want to waste food, I do not want to waste my time. That’s why I go shopping with a shopping list and decide beforehand where I want to buy what. Package-free shopping requires more planning than just your usual walk into the next supermarket.

The start of the series #zerowasteshoppingtrip was Der Greissler in the 8th district, you will find the tour here: zero waste shopping trip #1

Everyone living close to the Warenhandlung in the third district has no excuse to not at least try to go zero waste shopping. You can find pretty much everything in this area! The Warenhandlung itself is worth a visit, for sure, and all the shops on the list will make package-free shopping so much easier. There is a market, a plastic-free drugstore, health food stores and bakeries within 10 minutes walking distance.

Get your shopping bags, glasses and boxes and let’s go 🙂



zero waste shopping trip 1030 vienna


For your orientation: The distance between Warenhandlung and Rochusmarkt is about 600 m (walking distance: 8 minutes), and another 300 m to Sonnengrün.





zero waste shopping trip 1030 - warenhandlung spender


Warenhandlung – Wenighofer & Wanits

Marxergasse 13, 1030 Vienna

The Warenhandlung is close to the station Wien Mitte and right next to the cycle path at the Marxergasse, bike racks just across the street. You will find dry goods, such as lentils, pasta, flour or granola, as well as fruit, vegetables and a high variety of spices. Juices, jams and tomato sauce can be bought in glass jars. The glass jars for yoghurt and milk can be returned without a problem. Vinegar and oil is available in bulk. If you like to bake, this is the place to go: they have baking powder, a few different kinds of nuts and even vanilla cream powder. They even offer cleaning products and decorative items.

You can borrow glass jars and egg crates in the shop or buy cute little bags.


zero waste shopping trip 1030 - scale


Thank you very much for the nice shopping experience and photo session!


zero waste shopping trip 1030 - warenhandlung innen


For your information: You can eat and drink at the Warenhandlung as well. Little snacks, homemade limo and coffee are highly recommended!


zero waste shopping trip 1030 - bulk grains


Rochusmarktzero waste shopping trip 1030 - farmers market

The Rochusmarkt is open from Monday to Saturday. You can buy vegetables, fruit, dried fruit, fish and cheese without packaging. You will also find baked goods and many delicacies. The little restaurants will be open on weekdays if you already arrive hungry.

For your information: Asking does not cost you anything – even if the vendors are not totally on board with your own bags and boxes from the beginning, a smile can move (trash) mountains 😉



health food stores zero waste shopping trip 1030 - reformhaus 

The Landstraßer Hauptstraße hast wo health stores close to each other if you are looking for some particular items. They do not offer a lot package-free, but quite a few things in recycable glass and cardboard. Have a look before you order esential oils or natural cosmetics online: Martin reformstark or prokopp.


supermarkets zero waste shopping trip 1030 - supermarkt

Of course, the most common chain stores are also located at this popular shopping street. Denn’s (n° 37), Hofer (n° 26) and Billa (n° 32) are just across the street from each other.  Technically a drugstore, but a dm store (n° 61) is there as well.


tea zero waste shopping trip 1030 - tea

Again across from each other, there are two tea shops. Demmers Teehaus and Sonnentor offer a vast tea selection and the well-known spices (although not many package-free).



zero waste shopping trip 1030 - sonnengrün


drugstore & soap.


Sonnengrün zero waste shopping trip 1030 - sonnengrün innen

Rochusgasse 19, 1030 Vienna

A shop for all things bath and kitchen – plastic-free and mostly package-free. Sonnengrün offers shampoo, soaps, deodorant or even compostable baking sheets or sponges. Have a look at the online shop to find all the items online. You can even order them from home 😉 Valuable advice and useful tips only at the store!

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Wiener Seifezero waste shopping trip 1030 - wiener seife

Hintzerstraße 6, 1030 Vienna

On the next crossraod are the „soap headquarters“ from Wiener Seife. This shop smells so amazing! They have an online shop as well if you do not have the time to stop by. Unfortunately, not a lot is package-free.



zero waste shopping trip 1030 - landstrasser hauptstrasse




Fräulein Wunderbar

Seidlgasse 34, 1030 Vienna

Just by chance, I walked passed this cute little shop on my way tot he Warenhandlung. Second Hand clothes for children – do I need to say more? The name (Fräulein) Wunderbar (= wonderful) says it all.


Laniato – Wiener Wollcafé Foto Credit (C) Laniato

Beatrixgasse 4, 1030 Vienna

The next suprise was the coffee shop Wiener Wollcafé – Viennese „wool coffee shop“ for all the knitting & coffee lovers! If you want, you can get inspiration and help for your next knitting project. Slow fashion instead of fast fashion, that is something I can support, right? 😉



zero waste shopping trip 1030 - produce


So many package-free options! Do you know the area? Any good spots I missed? Let me know and I will add them to the list!


© Illustrations and pics with me on them were made by my wonderful sister – thank you <3


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