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The first step into a zero waste shop is always a little bit magical. There really is a store between all these overflowing supermarkets which fulfills your eco dreams of an unpackaged shopping experience!

You can buy as much or as little as you want, equipped with your own or borrowed containers. All the better if these products are also fairly traded, regional and organic.

Who could resist the temptation? Now, you only need to know where you could find these magical places 😉 Shhh, I’ll let you in on the secret…


The new series „zero waste shops“ presents package-free stores that are definitely worth a visit 🙂


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the store.


the green walnuts - Das Gramm outside

Das Gramm

Neutorgasse 7, 8010 Graz

Opening hours: Mo to Fr 10:00-20:00, Sa 10:00-17:00


Das Gramm in Graz was one of the first zero waste shops in Austria. The owners collected more money than expected with a crowd funding campaign and opened the store in April 2016.

The store is beautifully located at the Mur. Of course, you can buy food there but also have lunch or drink coffee in one of the cute little windowsills.

All products are fairly traded and, if possible, regional and organic. The origin is written on all dispensers. If you cannot find the information, just ask and they will promptly help you. Other than the groceries, you can also get a wide variety of zero waste essentials. More on that below.

The lunch menu changes every day because they cook what needs to be eaten. Nothing goes to waste! If you live in Graz, you can also get the menu and a bunch of other products delivered by velofood.

On Saturdays and weather permitting, 12 lucky people can have brunch on the terrace. I have never enjoyed the buffet, but all reviews sounded amazing! (If you can read German, this one makes me want to have brunch right now: die frühstückerinnen.)

The two ladies running Das Gramm, Sarah Reindl and Verena Kassar, are also organizing the Zero Waste Graz-Stammtisch if you want to learn more about zero waste living.





the green walnuts - Das Gramm shop indoors


You can shop at Das Gramm like you would in any other bulk store.

  1. Bring your own container.
  2. Weigh your jars, containers or bags and record the tare. (They would also do that at the counter for you.)
  3. Fill them with all the delicious food.
  4. Go to the cash desk and let them weigh your containers again.
  5. Done 🙂


the green walnuts - Das Gramm bulk shopping


the green walnuts - Das Gramm spender




As I mentioned ealier, the products are fairly traded, mostly regional and organic. You can buy milk in glass bottles, a many eggs as you want and fresh produce is in the shelves package-free.


the green walnuts - Das Gramm shop


Behind the counter is a large selection of different types of tea and spices. You can get coffee beans in your own container or fresh coffee in your cup or to drink right there.


the green walnuts - Das Gramm bring your own cup


The dispensers are filled with plenty of lentils, various types of flour, pasta, nuts, granola and dried fruit.



the green walnuts - Das Gramm grinder


I was genuinely suprised how many different products can fit into this cute little store.


the green walnuts - Das Gramm dry fruit

the green walnuts - Das Gramm sweets


Highlight: curd (Topfen) in a glass jar! For some unknown reason, I have never seen curd in a glass jar. So, I was overly excited to find it there 😀 The farmstead Aschacherhof fills the curd especially for Das Gramm in jars. A shoutout to direct communication!


zero waste lifestyle.


the green walnuts - Das Gramm household


The variety of products to make your zero waste life easier is simply wonderful. Sure, if you can find products second-hand or are satisfied with any other alternative, do not buy anything new. However, if you need something completely new, Das Gramm is the right address for you (and you save resources as you avoid shipping and delivery).


the green walnuts - Das Gramm zero waste essentials


You will find everything from beeswax food wraps, cloth bags and stainless steel containers to shampoo bars, menstrual cups and bamboo toothbrushes. They also have laundry detergent, cleaning products (or the ingredients to make your own) and even tableware.





The receipt is not printed on the common weird, coated piece of paper. They use a special paper produced by Ökobon, which is sustainably produced and looks way fancier than your regular receipt. You can find all the benefits of Ökobon (free of carbolic acid, authorized for direct contact with food, water-resistant, etc.) here.


the green walnuts - Das Gramm grammgenau


I can highly recommend Das Gramm. It is worth a visit every time you are in Graz. To everyone living there, one word: jealous.

You can follow their news and the daily lunch menus  on their homepage, facebook and instagram.


Now to you: Have you been here so far? What was the most surprising discovery? Do you think anything is missing?


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